The Matchbook Collection of Margaret Draper

Maggie was a world traveler, and a lover of fine dining. These images are from her collection of matchbooks from numerous places around the world. If she favored New York City, she is to be forgiven, for that is where her heart resided. These are not generally collector-quality, as most matchcover specialists look for unstruck books, but many of them are quite interesting. Perhaps they can find a home with someone who values such things.

Matches 9

Some of the more interesting covers I found while scanning. Le Parisien was a beloved French restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Matches 1 Matches 2 Matches 3 Matches 4 Matches 5 Matches 6 Matches 7 Matches 8

13th Floor Golden Spike Amalfi Ceramic

Ambassador Grill 44th & 1st Ave NYC

Au Fin Bec

Bar at Capitol Hilton DC

Blackstreet Landing Damariscotta ME

Brandywine Downs Atlanta

Brasserie Bretonne DC

Cafe Sorbet DC

Carlton Wine Bar DC

Centro Internazionale Arredamento

Club at the World Trade Center

El Adobe San Juan Capistrano

El Nido Tesuque NM

Fujiya Hotel

Georgetown Hamlet DC

Horikawa Santa Ana

Hotel Utah 2

Hotel Utah

Italy Ceramic

Kleine Konditorei

La Bonne Soupe

Laurent NYC

Le Garage Wiscasset ME

Max Mercier

Morton's The Steakhouse Chicago

New York Marriott

Nino's University Club SLC

Oestasiatiske Kompagni

Opera Espresso Lincoln Center

Paris Milano NYC

Pepe's Cupertino

Petroglyph Santa Fe


Roof Terrace Restaurant at JFK Center, DC

Russian Tea Room 2

Russian Tea Room NYC

Santa Fe NYC


The Carvery Mayflower DC

Trattoria Lombardi Dallas

Vincenzo DC 2

Vincenzo DC

Watergate 2


Zephyr Grill NYC

3 responses to “The Matchbook Collection of Margaret Draper

  1. My grandfather collected matchbook covers, too, but his had rather a different emphasis—he was a farmer who lived in Illinois. For some reason, his collection came to me, and I’m not quite sure what to do with them. Ah, well, my new attic has lots of space!

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