Stop what you’re doing!

“Please stop what you’re doing and listen to this very important message. I’m going to give you access to a pre-recorded message that’s going to show you exactly how to start putting $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 10 to 14 days and $10,000 or more every 10 to 14 days after that. This message will absolutely blow your mind! So press 1 right now if you want to find out exactly how to put $10,000 or more in your pocket every 10 to 14 days. I guarantee you have never seen anything like this up until now. So press 1 right now to get all the details, or press 9 to guarantee that you’ll never hear from us again.”


I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this robocall, along with “Hi! I’m Kelly from Credit Card Services!” and a handful of others. But this one is especially obnoxious.

First of all, these calls blatantly ignore the National Do Not Call Registry. Second, pressing “9” only serves to guarantee that your number is registered as a “live” number, and will then be sold to other telemarketers. Lastly, they’re selling a weak-sauce multi-level marketing package of informational and motivational material for $1,000, plus a $299.00 annual membership fee, with a no-refund rider attached. You shell out, you’re sunk. This particular dodge is being run by Exitus, but I suspect the same come-on is being used by a number of shady operators. [Note: Here’s a breakdown of how the Exitus plan works, astonishingly without a link to “another, better system” as is common with so many of these affiliate marketers. Bash the competition, and then sucker people into your own nearly identical scheme.]

They claim you don’t have to do any calling. But you will need to send referrals to your own marketing page, for the automated system to work for you.

How are you going to get referrals? Clearly, by using one of those never-suffiently-to-be-damned robocalling systems that will bother millions of people in clear violation of the law.

If you are looking for a business model that depends on a foundation of not caring how many people you piss off, or leaving countless broken bodies in your wake to get one customer, then this opportunity is for you.

If you have ethics and morals, compassion and concern for the well-being of your neighbor, better look elsewhere.

Every time I get one of these calls, I have visions of lowering the person behind it into a wood chipper, slowly – despite working hard on being charitable to all. That tells you how annoying I find these seedy scams.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

11 responses to “Stop what you’re doing!

  1. What I have found very annoying lately are robocalls that show no # but only “unavailable” on my cell, because I can only block calls with “real” numbers. And then there are calls that use existing numbers of real people without their knowledge, That’s really insidious.

  2. Thanks for the info, I was wondering what they were selling, I was guessing they were selling a robocall setup. Different caller id number every day and it seems to call you again if you answer and hang up. Also I pressed 9 once and the message started over. I made the mistake of pressing 1 once and never got through to the end of the message cause it went on forever. The mistake was responding, because now I get the call daily.

  3. If Exitus is indeed the known source of these calls, is there no legal recourse, no way to subject them to their own tactics, or…? In any case, I would be happy to donate to a ‘wood chipper’ project.

  4. Just got a robocall from same scammers. Let me know when the Class Action law suite starts I’m in.

  5. Used to get these calls 1X/mo. or so. Haven’t gotten one in the last year or so until today. Soon as I hear the deep sounding voice saying “stop what you’re doing right now…” I respond with a 3 word vulgar imprecation referring to one having sex with themselves into a body opening, probably not heard by any real person, and hang up. Never listened long enough to get to the press 1 or 9 part. This was a different voice than the others. This one was deep and serious sounding. The other was deep and gravelly, and sounding angry and serious.

  6. Just got one of these things a few seconds ago. Most annoying thing I ever sat through for less than thirty seconds just to search for info on this garbage scam call. Absolute travesty things like these still exist, but what can you do? Reporting it seems to do nothing.

  7. Here it is December of 2019 and I’m STILL receiving this exact robocall. This “Please stop what you’re doing” robocall has to be the absolute most annoying robocall EVER… followed up the “Kelly at card services” robocall. I hang up the moment I recognize the first 5 words.

    I’m quite sure this voice artist regrets ever having done this work. It’s gotta really suck to be him and receive this robocall in his own voice. Gahh.

    • And now the credit card robocalls are being handled by an AI. Pleasant perky voice sounding like an American female, but totally a bot. Vulnerable people would most likely yield up their sensitive information because it doesn’t sound like an Indian scammer, but this operation is still being run by the same assholes.

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