The CBS 50th Anniversary Photo

This crossed my Facebook feed the other day, with the title “If you can recognize 5 of these people, you’re old.”

Well, I’m old. And I recognize most of them, but not all. So I did a little digging, and here are my results.

The photo (Click to enlarge):

CBS 50th Anniversary Gathering (1978)

Edit: A better key

The following table lists the personalities with one of the things they are notable for. Not necessarily their most “famous” work, or even one on CBS, but one that I was familiar with or enjoyed. Journalists have no particular show attached to their names because they were all over the place.

2Jean StapletonAll in the Family
3Walter CronkiteJournalist – possibly the most famous of my generation
4Alfred HitchcockThe Birds
5Mary Tyler MooreThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
6Ellen CorbyThe Waltons
7Gene RayburnThe Match Game
8Vivian VanceI Love Lucy
9Milburn StoneGunsmoke
10Ann SothernThe Whales of August
11Barbara BainMission Impossible
12Nancy WalkerMurder by Death
13George BurnsGeorge and Gracie
14Cicely TysonThe Help
15Arthur GodfreyThe Glass Bottom Boat
16Red SkeltonThe Red Skelton Hour
17Gale StormIt Happened on 5th Avenue
18Danny KayeThe Court Jester
19Sandy DuncanRoots
20Telly SavalasKojak
21Dale EvansRoy Rogers
22Roy RogersRoy Rogers
23Ken MurrayFollow Me Boys
24June LockhartLost in Space
25Arthur MurrayArthur Murray Dance Studio
26Kathryn MurrayThe Arthur Murray Party
27Eric ScottThe Waltons
28Cami CotlerThe Waltons
29Bonnie FranklinOne Day at a Time
30William ConradCannon
31Eva GaborGreen Acres
32Allen FuntCandid Camera
33Tim ConwayThe Tim Conway Comedy Hour
34Danny ThomasThe Danny Thomas Show
35Bob KeeshanCaptain Kangaroo
36Dennis WeaverMcCloud
37Ray WalstonMy Favorite Martian
38Sally StruthersAll in the Family
39Garry MooreLaugh-In
40Linda LavinBarney Miller
41Douglas EdwardsNewscaster and Correspondent
42Betty  WhiteThe Golden Girls
43Bob SchiefferJournalist
44Ned BeattyDeliverance
45Charles KuraltJournalist
46Arlene FrancisWhat’s My Line
47Jamie FarrMash
48Adrienne BarbeauLove Boat
49Vicki LawrenceThe Carol Burnett Show
50Mary McDonoughThe Waltons
51Don KnottsThe Andy Griffith Show
52Lucille BallI Love Lucy
53Ed AsnerThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
54Jackie CooperHennesey
55Esther RolleGood Times
56Joan HackettThe Defenders
57Eric SevareidJournalist
58Mike WallaceJournalist
59Sherman HemsleyThe Jeffersons
60Jack WhitakerDeadly Heroes
61Isabel SanfordThe Jeffersons
62Judy Norton TaylorThe Waltons
63Bob DenverGilligan’s Island
64Caroll O’ConnorAll in the Family
65Dwayne HickmanThe Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
66Richard C. HotteletJournalist
67Will GeerBroken Arrow
68Lesley StahlJournalist
69Art CarneyThe Honeymooners
70Tony RandallThe Odd Couple
71Bob NewhartThe Bob Newhart Show
72Dick SmothersThe Smothers Brothers
73Hughes RuddJournalist
74Ted KnightThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
75Georgia EngelThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
76Jon WalmsleyAdam-12
77Charles CollingwoodJournalist
78Audrey MeadowsThe Honeymooners
79Valerie HarperThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
80Julie KavnerRhoda
81David HarperThe Waltons
82Bill Macy Maude
83Ken BerryF-Troop
84Art LinkletterHouse Party
85Glen CampbellTrue Grit
86Buddy EbsenThe Beverly Hillbillies
87Michael LearnedThe Waltons
88John ForsytheBachelor Father
89Steve AllenThe Tonight Show
90Carol BurnettThe Carol Burnett Show
91Jim NaborsGomer Pyle
92Beatrice ArthurThe Golden Girls
93Loretta SwitMash
94Ed BradleyJournalist
95Andy GriffithMayberry RFD
96Lee MerriwetherBarnaby Jones
97Demond WilsonSanford and Son
98Lynda CarterWonder Women
99James ArnessGunsmoke
100Dick Van DykeCold Turkey
101Jack LordHawaii Five-O
102Ralph WaiteThe Waltons
103Bernard KalbJournalist
104Martin LandauMission Impossible
105Rob ReinerThe Princess Bride
106Lynnie GreeneThe Golden Girls
107John AmosRoots
108Bob BarkerTruth or Consequences
109Bert ConvyPassword
110Dan RatherJournalist
111Richard CrennaThe Real McCoys
112Mike ConnorsMannix
113David GrohRhoda

16 responses to “The CBS 50th Anniversary Photo

  1. Focusing on CBS television through 1978, Linda Lavin starred in Alice. Glen Campbell had a variety show. Bob Barker was the host of Price is Right. Gene Rayburn hosted Match Game. Tim Conway is most noted for the Carol Burnett Show. Dick Van Dyke was on The Dick Van Dyke Show which Mary Tyler Moore also starred in. Rob Reiner best known as Meathead on All in the Family. Andy Griffith was The Andy Griffith show that spun off Mayberry RFD, in which Ken Berry also starred. Journalists were on CBS News and 60 Minutes. Art Linkletter hosted Kids Say the Darndest Things. Alfred Hitchcock hosted Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Bea Arthur was Maude. Betty White was on The Mary Tyler Moore show. The Tonight Show was on NBC but Steve Allen was a regular on What’s My Line. Adrienne Barbeau was Maude’s daughter. Will Geer was Grandpa on The Waltons. Nick Beatty played Szysznyk. Valerie Harper was also the star of Rhoda. Cicely Tyson was in Roots. But I didn’t watch a lot of TV back then 😉

    • char, great summary above!
      i loved it above where they show the numbers, names, & what show they were on/journalist, etc.

      betty gordon, ames, iowa

  2. The list should show the CBS SHOWS for which they were attending the CBS 50th anniversary show. Not that it matters in the scheme of things, but people should look elsewhere for a true list of the CBS shows.

    • Like I said, the shows that I mentioned are the ones that were the most familiar to me and not necessarily the ones that they were best known for. Want a different list? Create one on your own blog.

  3. Lynnie Greene was in a CBS show at the time called On Our Own. A number of folks beside her were in low-rated CBS sitcoms at the time: Tony Randall in The Tony Randall Show, Ned Beatty in Szysnyk and Demond Wilson in Baby, I’m Back. Two of those folks I’d never heard of, Hughes Rudd and Richard C. Hottelet, but everyone else, I’m certainly familiar with.

    • hi mark 😉
      if you have NOT read down through all the replies, there are 1 or 2 showing the name of EVERYONE in that wonderful photo. so go take a peek like i/others did 😉 enjoy as much as we did solving WHO that person was in the photo.

      betty gordon, ames, iowa lifelong fan of all in the photo 😉

    • Rudd and Hottelet were veterans of CBS News. Rudd also hosted a short-lived version of the CBS Morning News with Sally Quinn for a time. I was surprised to see them but to not see Roger Mudd, who was both the Congressional correspondent and also Cronkite’s substitute on the CBS Evening News during this time, and who along with Rather was considered among the front-runners to replace Cronkite when he retired.

  4. Betty White was probably known for Mary Tyler Moore Show at the time as Golden Girls wasn’t a thing when the photo was taken and also an NBC show. Bea Arthur was on Maude. Linda Lavin was on Alice at the time.

  5. Thanks for the list of names – hard to read that picture. I would also note that missing was Jackie Gleason (The Honeymooners) and Phil Silvers (Sgt. Bilko/Phil Silvers Show).

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