Spammy blog followers, redux

I have written about blog spammers multiple times. I had hoped that with time this repugnant technique for driving traffic would have died out, but no such luck.

Looked at my list of followers today, and the top ones are displayed here:

Every single one of these is a sleazy-looking marketing website. By following my blog, I assume they hope either a) I will follow them back, or b) this will somehow raise their rankings in Google or other search engines. A few examples of what you find if you happen to click their links:

Seriously, people? This is not how to advertise your businesses. It’s definitely a dick move, and is a solid guarantee that I will never ever use your services or do business with you.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

4 responses to “Spammy blog followers, redux

  1. I have never actually checked, but as things are, I assume that quite a few of my followers are just advertising spammers.
    All the best for 2023,

  2. Unfortunately, spammers have become more brazen over the years. Ranting in our respective spaces will only do little to discourage them — so the next best thing is reporting them.

    While WordPress responds rather slowly to these spammers, constant dripping eventually wears away a stone. There used to be this spam blogger from Ecuador who abused the Like function here, but was eventually given the banhammer and removed from the platform.

  3. I’m so glad you have my back. I can recognize a sleazy ad. But there was a time when a scare tactic from a good imitation of a legitimate site could fool me. My kids and my credit union and your site and some serious studying have made me more savvy, although I still have to resist pressing urgent links sometimes in weak moments of fear. Fortunately i have no followers, but yucky advertisers certainly fill up my spam folder. You’re a treasure to me

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