1935: Outside Water Supply in DC


July 1935. “Outside water supply, Washington, D.C. Only source of water supply winter and summer for many houses in slum areas. In some places drainage is so poor that surplus water backs up in huge puddles.” These municipal water taps (or pumps — they have crank handles) appear in several photos from this series. I wonder if any survive. 35mm negative by Carl Mydans

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Spring in New York!

Balloon vendor in New York, 1935. Photo by John Allbok.

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The surprising thing about this photo is that aside from the vintage cars in the background (and the noticeable lack of traffic), it could have been taken today. Many¬† neighborhoods in the City still look just like this. I grew up in this town, and if I could afford it (think Warren Buffett or the Sultan of Brunei), I’d still live there.

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