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We have begun a HeadFunder campaign to raise the necessary funds to take the establishment of this unique school to the next level.

Why Another School?

For the most part, our school system is failing. With the occasional exception, schools are bogged down by government restrictions and imposed curricula, and focus on increasing national test scores to preserve their funding, rather than turning out educated, powerful, and socially-aware students who will hit the ground running and make a difference in the world. Bullying remains a rampant problem, largely unaddressed by school administrators and school boards. Most schools are, despite their best intentions, not safe places: you can’t learn if you’re always worried about who is going to slam you into a locker today.

We have good ideas that deserve to be incorporated into every school in our nation, but getting past the moat is a challenge. Every school, every district, and even private schools are run like small fiefdoms, and trying to bring new ideas into a school is usually met with the answer, “That’s not how we do things around here.” If you’re lucky, you might get 1% of your ideas even considered, poorly implemented, and soon forgotten. The only workable solution is to build a school from the ground up, with every member of the faculty and staff grounded and centered in the principles of excellence, safety, and contribution, to serve as a model for what the rôle of education in the world should be.

Existing School Structure

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Today’s schools are so bogged down in a framework of adhering to what other people think they should be that there are scarcely any resources available to teach children the skills that will enable them to face the world as compassionate leaders, able to see global problems and realize that they have the skills to contribute to significant change.

Planned School Structure

The school must be built on an underlying structure of social excellence which will build people of humanity and power who know how to learn, how to build, and how to give.

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It is our intention that by the time a student graduates from the Academy, they will have a clear grasp of not only the major problems facing the world, but the skills and determination to say “I can do something about that” rather than “someone ought to do something about that,” and be in a position to be lifelong contributors to the betterment of humanity.

Please help. Your tax-deductible contributions are welcomed and needed. And thank you.