The Casio CA-95 Musical Watch

Some time ago I wrote about early calculator watches and mentioned some of the favorite geek watches I’ve owned over time. My all-time favorite is the CA-95, which I bought in Hannover in 1983 as I arrived at the airport for CEBIT. I needed a new watch, and this one just called out to me.

By dint of a little work, I was able to resurrect it, almost – the “=” button doesn’t work, and I think it’s because I didn’t get it properly aligned. But everything else functions, more or less, which enabled me to record the sounds which I so dearly loved.

Back in that day, a watch would go “beep.” With this model, Casio upped the game substantially – sort of the same effect that Macintosh had on the computer world with its integrated sounds.


The Old Wolf has spoken.