You do *not* mess with perfection.

According to Variety magazine, William Goldman’s The Princess Bride is headed for the stage.



This movie has long been enshrined in my mind as the perfect film. Even the actors have waxed eloquent about what an amazing adventure it was, that it was the summum bonum of their careers, that everything came together perfectly, that they were honored to be a part of such excellence, and on and on.

What the hqiz is Disney thinking? As well you might try to recreate the Mona Lisa, or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6.

André Roussimov must be spinning in his grave right about now. This play is going to suck more powerfully than a Riccar vacuum. And the possibilty of a musical version? Utter blasphemy.

And yes, I’m being petty and closed-minded. Shtigin! Nobody’s hearin’ nothin!

The Old Wolf has spoken.