The Bjälbo stone


A runestone which was used as building material in Bjälbo church, Östergötland, Sweden. Photo taken in 1907.

Swedish: “Käcke män reste denna sten efter Grep, sin gillesbroder, Juddes son. Love ristade runorna”.

English: “Valiant men raised this stone in memory of Grep, their guild-brother, son of Judde. Love carved the runes”.


The Day Sverige Stood Still

On 7 September, 1967, at exactly 4:50 AM, Sweden’s traffic came to a standstill. It was “H Day” – Högertrafikomläggningen, or “Switching to Driving on the Right.”

All traffic in the nation stopped, carefully changed from the left to the right side of the road, and at 5:00 AM, continued on their way. Not a single accident took place, and in the aftermath, the accident rate actually decreased.

The Old Wolf has spoken.