Rome: La Vespa



July 1955. “Rome, Italy. Coverage focuses primarily on people, places and historical monuments.” From photos by Philip Harrington for the Look magazine article “Can Catholics Separate Church and State?”

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Joe Vespa


My father on a Vespa in Calabria around 1939. These little scooters were ubiquitous in Italy.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Harley Davidson Scooter, 1959

This is either incredibly cool, or wrong on every possible level, depending on what you think of Harley-Davidson and scooters in general. More on the Topper from Wikipedia.

Since we’re on the subject of scooters:

Actor Joe DeSantis on a Vespa in Calabria, 1953. The Italians have a saying: “o la moglie o la moto,” meaning that you can have a wife or a motorcycle, but not both.

The Old Wolf has spoken.