Coming Soon: Airmail

This painting by Harry Grant Dart appeared on the cover page of Literary Digest on 31 May, 1919, and depicts the soon-to-be initiated airmail service – although this is not quite how things worked out.

Today we deal with rising prices and ever-dwindling services, which – if my basic business classes do not fail me – is not the best model for increasing business and ensuring customer satisfaction. Only time will tell if the postal service can survive another decade.

While the picture is lovely, it’s clear that Mr. Dart had scant knowledge of mass and aerodynamics – a full mail sack with a parachute that small would squash the postmaster like a 16-ton weight. As one of the leading cartoonists of the day, however, we can forgive him for the application of some cartoon physics.

The Old Wolf has spoken.


One response to “Coming Soon: Airmail

  1. Always entertaining to look back at what people in the past thought the future might look like, and see by how much they were completely wrong. Heck, in the early twenty-first century we don’t have the promised hover conversions for our cars!

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