No wonder little girls want to be sexy

An article in the Huffington Post explores a study published online in the Sex Roles journal. Of greatest interest was a slideshow illustrating some toy lines which have, over time, morphed themselves into a “sexier, girlier” version.


Holly Hobbie

Candy Land

Strawberry Shortcake

Rainbow Brite

My Little Pony


Cabbage Patch Kids

Lisa Frank

I have no brief with any of these toys in particular, other than to illustrate a general trend. What I do have a real problem with is this:

Bad enough that the Bratz line was sexualizing 8-year-olds; now they’re zooming in on the infants, and this comes right up to the line of catering to pedophiles. I’m astonished that an abomination like this made it anywhere near an American shelf.

Children need to be allowed a childhood. The way things are going, layettes will someday include infant bikinis and makeup. {Note: Don’t point me to websites that are already advertising such things. There must be some rule of the internet that says “if you’ve imagined it, someone has already done it.”}

The Old Wolf has spoken.


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