Gargoyles of Notre Dame

Photos taken at Notre Dame in Paris, while bumming around Europe as a student in 1971.

I loved this little guy and the city scene next to him. I was captivated by the fine detail in the stone work.

Notre Dame: “Nothing ever happens around here.”

Notre Dame: Watching over the city

All photos ©1971-2012 Old Wolf Enterprises

Note: These are not gargoyles proper, as they don’t act as rainspouts (or hot lead dispensers, if you’re in Hollywood.) The term comes from “gargouiller,” a French verb describing the gurgling sound they made when water was flowing from their mouths. These would more properly be called “grotesques.”

The Old Wolf has spoken.

4 responses to “Gargoyles of Notre Dame

  1. I’m aware of a few more grotesques around the country. The University of Chicago main gate has a nice set, said to represent the four traditional classes of students. And there’s a whole slew on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

    • Yes indeed, we visited the National Cathedral last month. Beautiful – but so sad to see the damage caused by the recent earthquake. Didn’t see Darth Vader though, didn’t have enough time to try and spot him.

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