Zermatt, 1975

The Matterhorn, Summer 1975. ©1975-2012, Old Wolf Enterprises, All Rights Reserved

Probably one of the most iconic and picturesque images in the world – and the reality lives up to the hype. To stand in Zermatt, looking up at this beautiful mountain with the green Alm at its feet, is absolutely breathtaking.

The village looks like something out of a Disney fantasy, but it’s very real, as your wallet will attest. I lived in Switzerland in 1984, and the dollar was at 2.5 CHF then – now it’s at 1.06. Not surprisingly, the Big Mac index lists Switzerland at No. 2 worldwide – but it’s really No. 1, considering that Venezuela’s price is off the scale for a number of reasons.

But if you can afford it, Switzerland is basically one stunning view of beauty after another, across the entire country. If I were wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, one of those little chalets would be mine.

The Old Wolf has spoken.


2 responses to “Zermatt, 1975

  1. I lived in Germany when the DM was 4 to the dollar. No wonder my family of origin did so much traveling then! Of course it didn’t hurt that we could just take a night train to Paris, for example. By American standards, that’s just a day’s drive.

    • 624 was the magic number in Italy for ever and ever, worlds without end. That’s how many Lire you got for your dollar. When a “normale” (Neapolitan espresso, in my case) was 50 Lire, that was 8 cents. Even as a poor student, I was able to afford a month-long Eurailpass grand tour of Europe in 1971. Those were truly the days.

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