Stuttgart, 1970

In 1970 I took a little junket to Stuttgart to see a young lady with whom I was terminally smitten; I was living in Naples at the time, and she was on a study-abroad program with Gettysburg College where I had met her in 1968. Alas, my heart was broken, but it was an awesome trip nonetheless.

Stuttgarter side street, 1971.

Downtown Stuttgart.

I had lunch in the little Zum Zum on the right – Grillhaxen and Dunkelbier, if I remember aright.

Leonhardskirche Stuttgart

Agricultural protest against the policies of Willy Brandt.

Unusual, since a number of his social reforms were targeted at benefiting farmers.

The Old Wolf hat gesprochen.

2 responses to “Stuttgart, 1970

  1. Cars line up peacefully, men line up angrily windows line up systematically and buildings line up heavily and the church it stands up majestically.. Good pictures are taken occasionally..but the real image that was captured in your heart momentarily, is unseen by us categorically but mentioned by you specifically.

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