New Year 1945 / New Year 2013


Japanese internees celebrate New Year’s Eve. Topaz, Utah, 1944. Photo by Charles Mace.

May this New Year bring us all an abundance of peace and security. May we count the blessings we have been given, and look upon the follies of the past with abhorrence. May we all seek reason, equity, balance, humanity and common sense.

The Old Wolf has Spoken.

4 responses to “New Year 1945 / New Year 2013

  1. Dunno about you, but I keep wondering why those white people are in this pic. I mean, the white US was pretty adamant at that point about the yellow peril. Seems odd to see social mixing.

      • Absolutely. But if they were True Believers, I wouldn’t think they’d want to party with the inmates. If they were just playing a part, sure. There were certainly white US citizens of both persuasions at that time.

        I just don’t know how it happened, is all.

      • I have no doubt that there is a third type – admins who came to realize that the job they were doing was abomination, and that the people under their purview were just people who had been horribly violated.

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