This is called “an inversion,” children

Our local news station gives us the following forecast:


And AccuWeather adds insult to injury with this one:


Folks, it’s nowhere near 31° today. In Payson, the current temperature is 14°, because we’re sitting under one of these:


Image: The Deseret News

We live in a valley, and when a layer of warm air floats over, it caps the valley like a saucer on a bowl, trapping cold air (and ever-growing pollution) beneath it.



This is not uncommon in our area – we put up with it just about every year – but when it lasts a long time, it really sucks. People with respiratory issues are advised to stay inside, and it just keeps being cold, cold, cold.

The only thing that helps is a a low-pressure system which effectively “lifts the lid” and a good storm will scoop out the air, but we don’t look to get one of those until Thursday, and it will probably be a weak one.


On the upside, people at the ski resorts are enjoying divine weather, and many Utahns escape to the slopes as a respite for the cold hqiz below – which is good for the economy.

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