Meanwhile, in Australia

While Utah suffers under the effects of a temperature inversion, Australia is so bloody hot they ran out of colors for their heat map.


Sorry, mates. One of my friends suggested opening a bunch of Aperture Science portals between places – I know a buddy in Sydney and a buddy in Fairbanks, Alaska who would really be down with some serious thermal exchange right about now.


(Yes, I know portals don’t float in midair like this. Buzz off.)

Short of that, finding one of Larry Niven’s transfer booths would be a good solution for a respite.

The Old Wolf has Spoken.

One response to “Meanwhile, in Australia

  1. Yeesh, 54° C? I did the conversion in my head and then thought, that can’t be right; 129.2° F is way too hot. So I found an online temperature converter and was aghast to see that I had been right the first time.

    The lowest temp on land is maybe 65° F. I don’t need to get exact about that. It’s summertime down under, and 65° F is reasonable. Still, pretty hot for a minimum temp. Is this the daily high or what? And is it for today or yesterday?

    Looks like the latitude of Hobart, Tasmania (a city as far south for that area as I could find quickly), is about 42° S. DC’s is about 40° N. I dunno how the currents and all that work in their area and if the two places are comparable WRT weather, because I’ve taken enough time doing this and will leave it to you to figure that out, if you’re curious! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

    My point is that if they’re comparable, Aussies must not have much of a winter, must they?

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