South African Scam

Untypically, this one came from South Africa instead of Nigeria. This effort spells crudeness in the extreme, yet – astonishingly and sadly – there will be people who fall for this.



Terrible grammar, unbelievable premise, spelling mistakes, and improbable representations (Susan Boyle as “Microsoft Awards Secretary”, Oprah Winfrey as a “price winner”).

If there were every any question in your mind, no – you haven’t won a contest that you didn’t enter, and these people are only looking to lighten your wallet.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

5 responses to “South African Scam

  1. I once read an explanation why these scams are so obviously stupid: this way they weed out the people that can’t be fooled. Whoever doesn not see that this is a scam is stupid enough to not only answer these e-mails but to be tricked later on.
    Best regards from southern Texas,
    P.S.: that reminds me of a true story about such a scam years ago in Germany. A retired civil servant got such an e-mail, printed it out and went to his town hall – social help department – and applied for a loan of 300,000 Euros to invest in that scam. And … he did get the money!!!

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