The Amici Fidissimi Fraternity – University of Utah, 1911

Some images from a century ago.

Edited for additional information found here:

It was on this day 106 years ago, December 31, 1914, that Phi Delta Theta’s 32nd Biennial General Convention, meeting in Birmingham, Alabama from December 28, 1914 – January 1, 1915 approved, on a unanimous vote, the petition from the Amici Fidissimi Society at the University of Utah, and approved a charter for the A.F. Society creating the Utah Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta. The General Convention was the only body authorized to grant charters at that time in the Fraternity’s history. The Amici Fidissimi Society was originally formed at the University of Utah in 1903 in the days when Utah had no fraternities. (Follow the above link for more history).

Amici Fidissimi is Latin for “most faithful friends.”

Frat House 1

The A.F. Fraternity House

Fraternity House Scene

Two fraternity members take their ease. [1]

Frat House 2

Fraternity House Billiard Table

Frat House 3

Fraternity House Common Room

Frat House 4

Bench and Table; notice the signatures of past members.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

[1] The gentleman on the left coincidentally happens to be my grandfather, Delbert M. Draper, Senior.

2 responses to “The Amici Fidissimi Fraternity – University of Utah, 1911

  1. Your link to find references to the AF just takes me to Google, and I can’t find anything else about AF there. Do you have any other info? Even just like a source for these pics?

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The original link (shortened) had expired, and I have no idea what it led to. Additional searching thanks to your comment led to an explanation.

      Not sure where the AF house was located. The pictures come from the family photo archives, and except for the image which includes him, were most likely taken by my grandfather.

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