How hospital bills are killing us

Goodness, what a surprise.

Please read this article by Steven Brill from Time Magazine. It’s frightening.

Of course, it’s all about money and power. And people who have it will do anything – anything – to keep it that way, even if it means raping 99% of Americans in the wallet. And we wonder why healthcare in this country is so expensive and such a critical issue.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “How hospital bills are killing us

  1. Possibly relevant: About three years ago, on a Norwegian talk show, a comedian said “Obama’s health reform came through, despite the fact that many Americans have fought for the right to end up living on the street if they get sick.”

    Quite frankly I find it puzzling that so many people showed so much opposition against a health care system that would provide a safety net for those who would otherwise find themselves in ruinous debt for life. That, and the fact that the opposition included the very people who would benefit from such a system.

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