Alternatives to Amazon

In Germany, they’re fighting hard for the independent bookseller. Just found this German version over at Glaserei, noting that ZVAB and AbeBooks are both owned by Amazon, which I did not know.

For us English speakers, there’s this article over at, which includes a link to this New York Times article: Online Shoppers are Rooting for the Little Guy

The marrow of the article:

Try these independent companies:

Marketplaces: Biblio (of course), AntiqbookLivre Rare BookMaremagnumPowell’s*, Tomfolio*,*
Meta Searches: AddALLviaLibriMarelibri
Inventory Software: BookHoundBookTrakkerBiblioDirector
Website Providers: BibliopolisForeseeing Solutions
Book Order Management: Art of BooksIndaba

*These book searches  provide customers with books supplied only by bookseller members of those particular organizations.

For the record, I have nothing against Amazon as a consumer – mostly because they’re convenient, and often cheaper, and I get free shipping. But I shop the indies whenever I can find them as well. I think there’s room for everyone, and losing the neighborhood stores is always a loss. That reminds me, I need to watch “You’ve Got Mail” again.

For my friends in Salt Lake, I’ll recommend The King’s English bookshop.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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