3 responses to ““Space Commander” Vibro-Matic Walkie-Talkies

  1. I remember that phone as a child. A playmate and I took our savings and ordered it from a mail order company here in Sweden. We were extremely disappointed when we discovered that it worked by a string between the devices.

    We had already built exactly the same space walkie-talkie for free with two empty cans and a string.

    Two hurted little boys began to lose their trust in adults …

    • Leo: I corrected your first comment and deleted the second one. I have a vague memory of these as a child, but was not able to find any actual images of them on the net. I noticed that the ad said “without electric wires,” but later mentioned a “conductor line”… and of course the picture doesn’t show that waxed string. And yes, I did the tin can version as a kid too, it was pretty neat how it worked. But ah, marketing. I mentioned it in detail over here, and was disappointed many times – but I kept on ordering, just because as kids we are painfully susceptible to this kind of thing. On the gripping hand, I did get a lot of really cool stuff (see the Digicomp I here).

      Tack för att dela!

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