Must Sell



To look at the country, I’d almost say times are as tough now as they were then. Economic terror is snapping at the heels of far too many of us, and our leaders seem interested in only one thing – fortifying their fiefdoms and filling their re-election war chests. I have a message for them:

“This is not what you were elected for. You were elected to serve the nation and improve the lives of your constituents. Do this, and you shall endure. Do it not, and every last one of you will be out of a job. America is angry. We will not see our Constitutional rights eroded – a storm is coming that even the lobbyists and attorneys of Monsanto and friends will not be able to withstand. The only thing that will protect you is doing the right thing, which is: stop thinking about yourselves, and do the job you were elected to do.”

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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