My first car – the 1950 Chevrolet

The year would have been 1972, and I was living off-campus for the first time. A buddy of mine offered to sell me his car for $75.00, and wheels sounded like a great idea.
1950 Chevrolet Foldout-03


1950 Chevrolet flyer



Mine was a dark green, about the same color as the top of this one. Sadly, I never had the presence of mind to take any photos of it.



The interior dashboard; three on the tree. Notice the starter button to the left of the speedometer, with the choke just below it.



The straight six left enough room under the hood to house the entire Green Bay Packers starting lineup, along with your tools to boot; it was a joy to work on. A simpler engine I have never seen.

Sadly, the car was not in the best of shape… but I was young and very naïve. I ended up spending about $600.00 on brake work and front suspension (the kingpins were bad and had to be replaced, among other things); after that it ran OK, but had some compression issues. I decided to use the beast as a teaching machine, found a manual, and ripped the engine apart. I took the head down to a machine shop and had it re-worked, along with the valves – replaced a few worn-out parts, and put the thing back together again. It ran… sort of.

Life moved on, I stored it in various places and was later given a 1963 Ranchero by my dad… the Chevy ended up being towed to a junk yard where I bid it a fond farewell.

My Ranchero, 1972


1963 Ranchero with 260 V8. I loved this car too.

If I had it to do over again, I would have done many things differently… but I wish I had that car today. It was like driving a battleship, and had enough room inside for a whole lot of people.

Reminiscing, nothing more.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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