Government Job Offer – Seems Legit

From: “Abranco” <>
To: <recipient list>
Subject: Government Job Offer

Dear Sir or Madam

Would you like to work for the Government organization and participate in the development of the United States? Perhaps it is your talent the country needs at this moment.

Requirements – U.S. citizenship and minimum age 21

We invite you to work closely, anyone who does not care about the life of the state.

If you are a student, military, businessman, retired – we’ll be happy to listen to the opinions of everyone and take help from you.

Please send a brief summary to the human resource assistant on the and you will be assigned to interview.

Yupyup, gotta get me some of that action.

Just in case you’re not sure about emails like this? They’re total frauds. Government bureaucrats may not be the brightest candles on the cake, but most of them know how to speak English; the writers of emails like this always leave behind telltale signatures: poor grammar, odd constructions, and mis-spelled words.

Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “Government Job Offer – Seems Legit

  1. You know how you immediately see it’s fraud? They say the government would “listen to the opinions of everyone”. Now that would be news indeed ! 😉
    Best regards from southern Texas,

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