The Illusion of Choice



The above graphic (click on it for a larger version) shows how many brands and products are controlled by just nine food conglomerates. The chains go so deep that unless you have a roadmap, it’s almost impossible to know if a product you’re buying comes from an independent producer or one of the giants. Moreover, a number of these large entities have been in trouble with environmentalists and regulators for various advertising violations, health issues, or environmentally-unfriendly practices. If you’re trying to be a responsible consumer, it becomes a lot harder when there’s so much misdirection.

The good news is, the Internet has so much information available that with patience and diligence, almost any question can be answered. Just don’t trust sources like or Yahoo! Answers, which are tantamount to the stupid leading the blind.

The Old Wolf has spoken.


15 responses to “The Illusion of Choice

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  4. Wow…never stopped to think about it until I saw this post. Outrageous map. Thanks for leading me here with your follow! I’ll be back…have a fantastic weekend.

  5. That’s very interesting. Sometimes I wonder, though, without those controlling entities, what would be the resulting products? Who would we be left with to blame, and moreover, could those smaller entities survive if a problem arose?

    Just thinking. Cool post!

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