Bluegrass, Celtic, or Old Time?

I love all of these genres, so I was delighted to see a blog post over at Bluegrass Nation which lays out in very clear terms how to tell the difference between them. Some of their article may be tongue-in-cheek or at least light-hearted, but I found it a great read.


The Music

Old Time and Celtic songs are about whiskey, food and struggle. Bluegrass songs are about God, mother and the girl who did me wrong. If the girl isn’t dead by the third verse, it ain’t Bluegrass. If everyone dies, it’s Celtic…

The Instruments

A Celtic banjo is small and quiet. An Old Time banjo is open-backed, with an old towel (probably never washed) stuffed in the back to dampen sound. A Bluegrass banjo has bell bronze mastertone tone ring and a resonator to make it louder…

The Bluegrass fiddler paid $10,000 for his fiddle at the Violin Shop in Nashville. The Celtic fiddler inherited his fiddle from his mothers 2nd cousin in County Clare. The Old Time fiddler got theirs for $15 at a yard sale…

Read the full post over at Bluegrass Nation.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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