New Year’s Traditions Around The World


Apparently in Denmark people throw dishes at one another’s doors for New Years. The more your doorstep is littered with worthless shards of pottery, the luckier you will be. Supposedly because you have more friends willing to huck priceless Ming vases at your residence.

I always thought Jiggs and Maggie were Irish, but it appears that they may have been Danes.



This comic strip always puzzled me; despite the constant abuse which Jiggs endured at the hands of his tyrannical wife, it enjoyed immense popularity during its day. Of course, if it were a real drama, things would have turned out somewhat differently:


(I think this is from Mad, but I’m not certain.)

Well, enough of that.  In Germany, it’s considered traditional to enjoy a viewing of Dinner for One. 90-year-old Miss Sophie throws a birthday party for herself, setting the table for long dead friends. Her butler, James, play acts all of them, getting more and more drunk as the night rolls on.

 “The same procedure as last year, madam?”

Oddee lists 10 Weird New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World, some of which are garnered from another list at Enjoy.

The Old Wolf has Spoken.




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