Eiffel Tower Construction



I found this intriguing series of images over at /r/historyporn, and boy did it bring back some memories. No, not because I was there – I may be old, but I’m not that old – but because I remember when I was about 10 or 12 or so, my mother brought home a model kit of the tower for us to build together. I was into models, especially the great old monster models (like this one), but this looked like a great project.

It was a nightmare.

And thanks to the miracle of the Internet, here it is, exactly as I remember it.

tower 2


Eiffel Tower, Pyro, 3 feet tall, No. 336-5.98

I seem to recall that the plastic it was made of, or the paint used to coat the plastic, wouldn’t hold your standard Testor’s glue. Mom was an actress, not an enginer, and I was too young to have either understanding or real patience, so I recall the project was an exercise in self-mortification. It did get done, and the thing stood in my room for a while, I remember it looked a bit skewed once we finally got the whole thing together. I’d love to find one and have another go at it, but I doubt I could find an unbuilt one at a reasonable price.


The Old Wolf has spoken.

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