Kevin Richardson’s “Miracle Cure,” an Infuriating Scam

Oxygen Diet Scam

So here’s the email that showed up in my inbox today:

From: Ultimate.Cure.17690762 <>
Subject: Doctor Jailed for CURING Cancer (see why),  Article No. 10754166
To: <redacted>

Today, you have a 95% chance of eventually dying from a disease or condition for which there is already a known cure right at your fingertips.

Well-respected doctors have been attacked, threatened with losing their licenses and even JAILED for sharing the information you are about to discover…
If you or a your loved one is suffering from ANY, and we mean ANY illness, chronic or acute, especially if you’ve been told it is incurable, then this is the most important message you will hear today.
View This SHOCKING Health Alert in your Browser:
(they don’t want you to know about this)

Article No. 10754166

We see this kind of thing all the time, but this particular scam infuriates me because it doesn’t just say you’re going to lose weight (açaí berries or garcinia cambogia) – it claims to cure any and all diseases, including cancer and HIV. This is cruel and dangerous – weak-minded or uneducated people will fall for this rubbish and spend their valuable money on a worthless system instead of seeking competent medical assistance. This fraud will kill people.

Have a look at some of the garbage this maddening presentation says:

  • Learn how to oxygenate your cells in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for bacteria, cancer, or any virus to live, and create a miraculous recovery and immunity to any disease – much less the diseases that are killing us in record numbers today.
  • Disease and oxygen cannot be in the same space in your body.
  • Oxygen needs to get inside your cells in order to get rid of disease. (Solution: take a deep breath.)
  • Remember the oxygen therapies you will have access to have been PROVEN to CURE the most incurable illnesses to date like the HIV virus and practically all forms of cancer.
  • Documentation and proof of oxygen therapy curing virtually every disease we know of goes back to the late 1800s.
  • When you use these techniques properly, you’ll be shocked as you see physical reactions that prove the virus, bacteria or toxin is leaving the body – even if you’ve tried every therapy out there.
  • Use your “maintenance routine” once your illness has vaporized out of your body.
  • Many people the world over have been helped and yes even “cured” by these simple therapies. (Note the use of scare quotes.)

The lies and false claims continue unabated for around half an hour – cure eczema, psoriasis, regain youthful skin, whatever, you name it. As I mentioned in a previous post, with thanks to the creators of Lucky Luke:


Buzzwords, vague and oblique references to un-cited scientific studies, dropping names like Atkins, I have never seen a more evil conglomeration of mumbo-jumbo in my life.


Search Google for “Kevin Richardson Miracle Cure Scam,” and most of what you get is shill pages and affiliate recommendations. Yes, they pay people to become affiliates using another multi-level fraud:


… and I’m sure the email that started all of this is from one of their suckers. Notice that they promise up to $118.00 and change commission per sale, but they’re selling their product for less than $40.00. I’d like to see the math on that one.


Original price $97.00, but for YOU, because YOU”RE SPECIAL, and because you’re going to ACT NOW, only $37.00.

Order 2

One other thing to be aware of is that if you do order, you’re giving your credit card number to extremely unethical people, and you stand a good chance of having unauthorized and/or recurring charges applied to your card, with little or no hope of getting a refund if you complain.

Attorney General offices are constantly trying to bring down such fraudsters – click through for an Iowa report on one action against a company promoting the miracle benefits of “marine phytoplankton.” The problem with scams like this is that they are like a hydra – cut off one head, and two more spring up in its place.

I write this post largely to combat all of the fraudulent information out there, in the hopes that a few people might encounter it and save their money. Please, be smart. Stay away from all such snake oil.

The Old Wolf has spoken.


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17 responses to “Kevin Richardson’s “Miracle Cure,” an Infuriating Scam

  1. Whoever sent that offer has tripled my incoming mail with several other “products”. They’re obviously all coming from the same source in Europe. I hope someone shuts them down.

    • You too, huh? That and a flood of offers for cheap loans. There’s a very hot rock in Hell waiting for these people to sit on. It appears my affiliate was in Spain.

  2. I get dozens of emails from this miracle cure or several others every day. Thank goodness my email server has a good spam filter. I still check the list, just in case a real email got shunted over there, then I delete the lot of them. Some of these people should get beaten with sticks by the people they swindle.

  3. Are we sure that it’s such a scam? Tap water is H2O, hydrogen peroxide water is H2O2, the same as in running steams, the water from which is known to be beneficial to health. Apparently, rainwater also has an extra oxygen molecule, making it better to drink – have you noticed that your cats and dogs would rather drink from puddles outside, than the nice, ‘clean’ tap water that you provide? Have you noticed that plants thrive if given rainwater and do much better than when only given tap water?

    • You raise some interesting points here. Most, however, are based on anecdotal evidence and not hard science. If rainwater contains H202, it’s usually in the concentration of 1-160 parts per billion, hardly enough to have any impact on a living organism. Rainwater does contain significant dissolved nitrogen, which is why a lawn will green up much faster when it rains than when using city water.

      I have many friends who put stock in things that have no scientific backing, and that’s fine – they seem to derive benefit from such things, be they homeopathy, iridology, reflexology, whatever. More power to them, but when it comes to health and nutrition, I feel more comfortable sticking to things that have a significant body of randomized, placebo-based, double-blind trials behind them. From where I sit, Richardson is hawking snake oil, pure and simple, for one reason and one reason only – to make money from the gullible with lies and misrepresentations.

  4. I have been ingesting highly diluted, food grade, hydrogen peroxide for almost 3 years and have not had so much as a sniffle since I started. I am 80 years old and take no medications.

  5. Can we be as enthusiastic in our condemnation and exposing of similar ‘scams’ and ‘snake oil’ as peddled by the ‘officially sanctioned’ medical community too? FDA, FTC, many of whose highly influential board members and panels are strongly connected with dangerous pharma- profit companies like Monsanto etc. who will keep a check on these bodies if not we the people? Homeopathy has worked for me and my family for forty years. There are all kinds of cures which will never see double-blind clinical trials etc because of funding issues connected to patenting issues of vested interests and so forth. If you use the term ‘scam’ without full le scientific backup to support your claims, surely your own claims become dilute, hypocritical and pointless? If you cite scientific method, you must use scientific method to prove your statements. Otherwise your statements are based on nothing and have little value.

    • Some things don’t need scientific method to know they’re true or not. If you put some pills in a cup, you can say there is medicine in the cup. If you flood the cup with water so all the pills wash out, saying there is medicine in the cup because the water touched it will not make it work. Using it and selling it as medicine anyway is irresponsible and potentially criminal.

  6. Hello I doubt this is a scam as there are books on Oxygen Therapy
    Also getting oxygen into cells isnt that based on similar stuff like prana breathing etc?
    I knoe this works as when im in pain I breathe from my diaphragm and pains gone.
    There’s always someone that will call something a scam but
    It seems daft to me. How can u say it is a scam if u never tried it or even know someone who has?

    • Because there is no scientific backing for any of his claims. People claim to get benefit from having others wave their hands through their “etheric aura,” but that doesn’t mean it’s real. Richardson is making money from the gullibility of people looking for health benefits, and who are willing to suspend disbelief. If these things help you, then consider that a win for yourself.

    • I have only gotten into the oxygen usage recently and have had good results on small things. I have two friends who have used it for serious conditions. One of those persons refused conventional treatment and went to this. He had been told he might not live long enough to get himself home. He started on the radical treatment and did not feel so good for a few days. He continued and started to regain weight and now, almost 3 years later, looks better than I have ever seen him. He continues to thrive and has energy and is happy and, seemingly, well. The second person was also terminal and had taken traditional treatments, some of which had torn up his insides and caused other problems. He took this treatment after all of that and bounced back but went back to the doctors for the bleeding caused by the medications. He digressed after that and did not take the peroxide. He is alive a year to a year and a half after he was supposed to be gone. I do not think his chances for a long life are as good as my other friend but he has been able to do some things he likes doing and until he went back to the doctors, had increased energy and gained weight. I believe this theraphy has bought him some valuable quality time. I intend to keep this in my medicine cabinet and use it as I need. I look forward to following the protocols to better my health. The medical establishment and pharmacy is not the only answer, if they are an answer, at all. Many medications create worse problems than they set out to cure and, sadly, damaging, and money driven.
      There will always be those taking advantage, but not everyone does. We should be willing to assume responsibility for ourselves and our health and not leave it entirely to others who may or may not have our best at heart.
      To go after something that is different from the pharmicuals that do us so much harm, is, in itself, very wrong.
      God (by whatever name) has given a purpose for everything and we should look for that purpose carefully.