National Geographic, Then and Now


Walt Disney’s National Geographic collection, 1963.


Mine, 2014. This old CD-ROM collection goes up into the 90s, and still runs well on Virtual XP. Takes a heck of a lot less space… I used to have a huge collection of the hard copy mags, and those things weighed a ton.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

2 responses to “National Geographic, Then and Now

    • Clay coated, it used to be. Don’t know about today. It was great for making all sorts of visual aids for teachers back in the 70s.. you could actually lift the image right off the page and put it on a transparency.

      No, you can’t cut pictures out, but you can very easily incorporate them into documents and powerpoint slides. And, you’ve got electronic search for subjects across the entire range of issues. Prices and benefits.

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