Beware the re-scam

To: <>
Subject: Re: Hello!!!

Top of the day greetings to you. Are you a scam victim?
Have you lost money, property to Internet fruadsters in the past?
This message is only for those that has been scammed in one way or the other.
HM-Treasury UK wishes to compensate all scam victims  beneficiary with the sum of One Million British Pound Sterling, as part of the ongoing promotion.
Contact the chancellor of the HM-Treasury for claim, and further details about this compensation.

Jon Thompson

Emails like this are patently transparent to anyone who is even slightly aware of the Nigerian advance-fee fraud, but sadly there are a lot of people out there who are not. Hence this post, which might just turn up for someone who receives the same kind of rubbish and searches around to see if it’s legitimate.

It’s not. it’s a scam. These people want to steal your money.

The British treasury has much better things to do with its funds than give out millions of pounds to scam victims. These slime-covered drones are playing on the hopes and fears of anyone who has already been taken for a ride, thus proving themselves to be gullible pigeons. Sadly, there are some out there who would take this bait.


Delete emails like this immediately. Do not respond. Save your money and your sanity.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

5 responses to “Beware the re-scam

      • He was from England, and said he wanted to rent our house ( another house we’re renting out) …. he sent us a check for deposit plus 2 months advance… but he paid so much more than that, about $3,000 more, and wanted us to return the $3,000… said it was for his airfare…. Mom said she would deposit it first, and if it was good, then she’d return the money.

      • Yup, that’s a very common scam. One needs to be careful – here in the US, victims can be arrested for even trying to deposit such fraudulent checks and charged with negotiating false documents.

      • Yikes ! Really ? Good thing the bank was actually very sympathetic and concerned. It turned out that scam had been going on all over. In fact, it was in the papers one month after it happened. My Mom gave her email exchanges with the scammer to the bank.

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