A New Kind of Scam – This email is NOT from General Motors


Here’s a new one. I fear it will catch some people in its snare, but I’m putting it up here in case anyone is searching to ascertain its validity.

This email is not from General Motors. It is a scam.

The English is riddled with errors. The message promises a payout. There will be “fees” to pay. Do not call the number, or respond in any way.


Microsoft Word – GM Mass Zoho Email

To: Undisclosed recipients
Subject: you might want to look at this plan

From: “GM” <jason@mta1.axp4h.com>



I hope this message finds you well. We are writing to inform you of a very important recall. General Motors (GM) as of Monday June 30th, 2014 has put out a recall on over 29 million cars. These cars are being recalled due to many different problems one being a faulty ignition switch. These faulty cars, are causing major accidents and injuries, all the way up to multiple death related accidents. If you or a loved one owns one of these recalled cars and have experienced some type of complication , accident or even death as a result of the accident, we would like for you to call us and let us help you or your loved one be financially compensated , due to GM’s recall. Below are a list of the recalls from GM. If you see your car, or family members’ car listed below. Please call us as soon as possible at 877-210-5546.

Microsoft Word – GM Mass Zoho Email


Recalled Vehicles for Ignition Switch Failure

Chevrolet                               Pontiac

Cobalt (2005-2010)           G5 (2007-2010)
HHR (2006-2011)             Solstice (2006-2010)


ION (2003-2007)
Sky (2007-2010)

GM Recalled Vehicles

Chevrolet                                     GMC

Aveo (2004-2008)                   Arcadia (2008-2014)

Camaro (2010-2014)             Envoy and Envoy-XL (2005-2007)
Caprice (2013-2014)              Sierra (2014-2015)
Corvette (2005-2007)(2014) Sierra-2500/3500HD (2015)
Cruze (2011-2014)                   Sierra-HD (2007-2011) (2015)
Express (2009-2014)               Sierra-LD (2014)
Equinox (2010-2012)               Sierra light-duty (2014)
Impala (2000-2014)                  Sierra full size pick up (2014)

Malibu (1997-2014)                    Sierra full size pick up-HD (2015) Malibu Maxx (2004-2007) Savana (2009-2014)

Monte Carlo (2000-2007)            Terrain (2010-2012)
Optra (2004-2008)                     Yukon and Yukon-XL (2015)
Silverado (2014-2015)
Silverado-1500 (2014)                         Cadillac

Silverado-2500/3500HD (2015)          ATS (2013-2014)

Silverado-HD (2007-2011)(2015)        CTS (2003-2014)
Silverado-LD (2014)                           CTS-AWD (2010-2012)
Spark (2013-2015)                             Devile (2000-2005)
SS (2014)                                          DTS (2007-2011)
Sonic (2012-2014)                               ELR (2014)
Suburban (2015)                                Escalade/ESV (2015)
Tahoe (2015)                                     XTS (2003-2014)
Trailblazer (2005-2007)

Trailblazer-EXT (2006)

Traverse (2008-2014)                        Pontiac
Trax (2013-2014)                             G6 (2004-2010)

G3 (2005-2008)

Saturn                                   Grand AM (1999-2005)

Aura (2007-2010)                      Grand Prix (2004-2008)
Opel-GT (2008-2010)                 Pursuit (2005-2007)
Opel/Vauxhall (2007)                 Vibe (2009-2010)
Outlook (2008-2013)                    Wave (2005-2008)

Buick                                              Saab

Allure (2005-2009)                    9-3 Convertible (200-2011)
Enclave (2008-2014)                 9-7x (2005-2007)
Encore (2013-2014)
Lacrosse (2005-2009)(2011-2012)(2014)
Lucerne (2006-2011)               Oldsmobile
Rainier (2005-2007)                  Alero (1999-2004)
Regal (2011-2014)                    Intrigue (1998-2002)
Verano (2013-2014)


Izusu                                                      G2X (2007-2009)

Ascender (2005-2007)

It should go without saying that this message is a bald-face lie. General Motors would be ashamed to send out such a poorly-formatted, poorly-worded, error-riddled email.

Please protect yourself and your loved ones – teach them never to respond to mails of this nature. Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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