Why you *never* click embedded links in your email


See that link to “Capital One” there in the body of the email? It will actually take you to an entirely different website that just looks like it’s from Capital One.


Congratulations, you’ve just handed the key to your bank account and your email account to thieves, probably in Eastern Europe or Africa.

One would think people would understand this by now, but there are a lot of folks who use computers who really don’t get below the level of Lolcats or Pinterest, and they need to be protected. Phishing scams are still rampant because phishing scams are still profitable. Far too many people are duped by websites like the one above, and happily hand over their information to criminals either online or via telephone.


If you are just learning about computers, this is Rule Number One about emails:


I can’t emphasize that enough.

Not only are you at risk of losing your money or your identity, but you could seriously damage your computer files, for example, if you carelessly open an attachment which contains evil software like Cryptolocker.

If you are computer-savvy and have loved ones who are not, or who might be vulnerable to this sort of thing, please educate them and watch over them.

Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

8 responses to “Why you *never* click embedded links in your email

  1. Someone please get Amex Discover Visa and Mastercard to set up Honeypot CC accounts so we can shut these bottom-feeders down – Just like squawking 9999 on an airliner.

    When they run the card with the first charge or just 25c to “make sure it’s a valid account” it flags the entire path back to their Merchant Account, then the member banks can flag all transactions for extreme scrutiny. Shut them down in mere minutes.

  2. If we can’t get Law Enforcement on them because they’re deliberately operating from countries with no law or enforcement (ex Soviet Block or Asia) the Bankers should shut them down any way they can.

    Give me some Honeypot info to use, and I’ll start answering my phone and act interested to string them out acting like “a live one”. Sure, I’ll be glad to give you my CC number to save a lot on my Long Distance calling…

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