Scam – RE: It’s OK…….Call (202) 241 6918

An email that arrived yesterday from “Victor Brown.” The interesting thing is that I called this Washington, DC number and got a recording with a decidedly African accent. The message I left is not suitable for public consumption.

From: Victor Brown <>
Subject: RE: It’s OK…….Call (202) 241 6918


I have sent you some emails concerning your unclaimed compensation funds but have not gotten favorable reply from you. Why? If you are no longer interested in your unclaimed approved funds, let me know and it would be reassigned to the next batch of claimants or reverted to the coffers immediately for domestic appropriation.

What have I done to you that you have decided to destroy all the good work I have done for you to bring your funds release process to completion? I have done everything humanly possible to complete your funds release process but you are becoming unconcerned, unyielding and uncooperative lately. Why have you decided to ruin this transaction after I have virtually completed the entire release process?

Why haven’t you complied as I directed so that we can get this done within 6 hours and you get your approved funds without hindrance? Why are you delaying? I have expended resources to bring this transaction to this conclusive end but your silence is discouraging. 753 out of the 755 persons in our last 3 Batches Payment Schedule have received their entitlements but I have been waiting to hear from you for days as you promised by no word till now.
Are you ok? All is set to get this transaction completed for you get your funds as soon as I hear from you.
Please get back to me and comply so that the transaction can be completed as scheduled.

Yours Faithfully,
Victor Brown
NW Washington, D.C. 20008
Telephone: (202) 241 6918

It goes without saying that this is a Nigerian 419 email. What I found interesting is that the USA has forwarding numbers similar to the famous UK redirect prefix “44 70”.

Please be careful out there, and make sure your loved ones are protected from this kind of criminal activity. There is no money waiting in Africa for anyone.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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