Spam from China

Chinese Spam

Why would anyone in their right mind respond to a mail blast like this, especially when it’s in Chinese?

尊敬的客户: 您好! 祝您业务更上一层楼。 我司十多年专为中小企业提供香港公司注册服务。在2014年在香港成立的公司有167279间,在2013年在香港成立的公司有174030间,在经济环境越不好的情况下,老板们更热衷研究并注册离岸公司。在香港成立公司是很简单的事情,两个星期多便可以注册完成,注册资本不需要验资,不需要到位,阁下也不需要到香港。在这些年,我们一直在埋头苦干,精心修炼,力争为您提供更专业的离岸注册服务。一直期待着您的联系。      希望! 本邮件是我们合作的开始.


English via Google Translate:

Dear Customer: Hello! I wish your business to the next level. Our ten years designed to provide SMEs in Hong Kong Companies Registry services. The company was established in 2014 in Hong Kong, there are 167,279 in the company in 2013 in Hong Kong has 174,030, in the worse economic environment, the owners are more keen to study and register offshore companies. Set up a company in Hong Kong is a very simple matter, more will be able to register two weeks to complete, registered capital does not require verification, no place, you do not need to go to Hong Kong. During these years, we have been working hard, careful cultivation, strive to provide you with more professional offshore registration services. We have been looking forward to your contact.I hope! This message is the beginning of our cooperation.

Unless they’re targeting people in the mainland, this seems like a phenomenally inefficient way of doing business. On the other hand, it could just be a phishing scam looking for the dumbest of the dumb.

The amount of business that is being done in the world based on dishonesty and deception makes my head hurt.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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