The Facebook Scammers and the “EESA Grant” scam

Be careful out there, the scumbags are still working in force to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Got a message today from a Facebook friend:

Now, this friend doesn’t usually contact me from out of the blue, so I was immediately suspicious. Add to that the fact that the account was flagged as:

  • Using Messenger without Facebook (I know my friend has a facebook account)
  • Logged in using a phone number from the United States
  • Account was recently created (This friend has been around for quite a while)

All of these are red flags, and so I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was dealing with a stolen or cloned account. I proceeded to go down the rabbit hole to see what their game was today.

“i have something to shear whit you ?” My friend is an educated American, not someone who sounds like a third-grader or a Nigerian prince. A quick Google shows that EESA stands for Eastern European Study Abroad, but that’s probably not what I’m going to hear. So let’s take this a little further.

He’s “so confused that I haven’t heard anything about it.” Well, isn’t that special. The EESA exists, but in 2008 it created the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to purchase toxic assets from banks. In short, it was the bank bailout, and had nothing to do with grants to individuals.

These Nigerians love to use strange names. “Christopher Wisdoms,” “Martins Tanjul,”and the like. The grammar continues to be blatantly non-English.

Anyone who calls you “dear” who isn’t in your intimate circle of friends is without question going to be a scammer, and most likely Nigerian. They don’t understand that “Dear Sir” is part of a formula, and not something to be used indiscriminately.

So now I have a phone number to text, probably an accomplice or the same drone. Let’s see what we get.

  • “some other lucky communities”
  • “all beneficiaries name was chosen randomly through a computer ballot for fans of face-book who surf it frequently”

Grant programs don’t work like that, you cretin.

And now they want personal information. At this point I was about to shut things down. But the Facebook scammer (most likely the same individual) got impatient (another red flag – why would this “friend” care if I reach out to “Mr. Wisdoms” or not?)

If I had given “Mr. Wisdoms” my name and email address, things would probably have progressed to the point of “You need to send me $2500 for taxes and fees to collect your grant” or some other similar nonsense. But I wasn’t about to share even that with these criminal drones. Instead, I hauled out my stock response, and sent it both via Facebook and text message:

An “onioburu” is a gong-farmer (otherwise known as a nightsoil handler, someone who empties excrement buckets for a living.) Not a nice thing to call someone, but these are not nice people. The fact that he responded with “Lol” and then went silent was proof enough that he got the message.

Be so very careful out there. Any time a friend or contact starts talking about money, unless it’s someone you know and trust, assume it’s your money they want and break off communication.

Stay safe, and watch out for your loved ones who may be elderly or vulnerable.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

11 responses to “The Facebook Scammers and the “EESA Grant” scam

  1. A friend of mine text me the same number and had the message as above. And I do not use Facebook or any of those sites. the phone number came from some where in Indiana.

  2. I am now communicating with these scammers. I’m glad I search and found the same information that was sent to me

  3. I got the same messages as above from a so call friend but with a different agent name .Her name is Agent Melinda Lawrence who I am in contact right now. I called 3343397740 her number but no one answered then called the next morning and got a recording voice to leave a message I knew something was’nt right about all of this so I decided to check this out and I’m glad I did. But before I did I called the number listed on the EESA home page and called the number +1646-503-7148 and a agent name Christopher Wisdoms contacted me. I have’nt repond to him . I am in contact with her now but I am glad I search this out before it was to late

  4. Bloody Scumbags just tried to Nail Me with this Bullshit Scam. But as Marcia wrote too many Red Flags. A wave out of the Blue, No facebook account and where in the World Do you Win Money but then have to pay a so called release Fee. Bloody Buggers I thought Christmas had come early

  5. Thanks, this is exactly what I received today!!
    I thought it was a scam,for the very same reasons that you had in your post.

  6. Thank you for your information ℹ️. I was approached in this exact same way and was very iffy but had high hopes do to my situation and because of you, I didn’t not only get scamed I didn’t get family 👪 members involved to borrow the fees. Thanks again!!!

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