Facebook Login Scam

The email above was in my spam folder, hence automatically suspicious. If you click on that “to cONTACT” button, you can see that the mail was not sent by Facebook but by someone at “beratinind.co.uk.” Maybe. That was probably spoofed as well.

Whether you “Report the user” or “Yes, me” (note the poor grammar), you will be sending email to this list of people:

PeterQuinn615@outlook.com; zikorugbyman87@gmail.com; frank.lion92@gmail.com; paulm8756@gmail.com; akilzachary3@gmail.com; frank.kolar@aol.com; brandon.mathis2@aol.com; addod.dghi@aol.com; zachary.akili20@gmail.com; saifalik654@gmail.com; manuchkacharm@gmail.com; anucharma04@gmail.com; apex.garcinia@gmail.com; skountnh01@gmail.com; jilaliikram467@gmail.com; selmajaydonqa@gmail.com; toddgarciaytt@gmail.com; johncardhg@gmail.com; lindaarreyytt@gmail.com; shelleyjamesvr@gmail.com; jackdodos18@gmail.com; benlysara1@yahoo.com; angiefieldni@gmail.com; jamessmiller2017@gmail.com; oliviajimmybr@gmail.com; feryoussra@gmail.com; crowellmaryjh@gmail.com; hamptonbenew@gmail.com; xaletoclaimservices8@gmail.com; jackdone974@gmail.com; lendingwinship@gmail.com; mariejfried@yahoo.com; zakary.akeli@gmail.com; elian-barr@hotmail.com; benlysara2@yahoo.com; ronnie.lamb11@gmail.com; zakaria.elakili2@gmail.com; poppyevie785@gmail.com; zakaria.elakili3@gmail.com; elghandour.ayman007@gmail.com; zakaria.elakili4@gmail.com; xidemotu1236@yahoo.com; goku_zakaria@yahoo.fr; belf.mana@gmail.com; skounza1991@hotmail.com; zaach2016@yandex.com; fighting.life@hotmail.com; iliana.canon@gmail.com; gary-ingram1235@hotmail.com; justin-merrill@hotmail.com; zachary-es@outlook.es; zachrary19332@outlook.cz; zachary-de@outlook.de; skounzaneg2@outlook.com; skounzabox0@hotmail.com; amelia-clemons@outlook.fr; zachary-sosa@outlook.fr; CarlBell528@outlook.com; support@itangerstory.site; CarlBell528@outlook.com; BorisEllison940@outlook.com

And who knows what you will be sending? Or what they will do with whatever you send them? At the very least, you are confirming to all these people that you are a live, valid email address and will thus be guaranteed to receive an even greater flood of spam and scam emails.

Be careful out there.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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