Heiligenblut and Großglockner, Austria, 1975

In a previous post I put up some Austrian travel posters; one of them focused on Heiligenblut,  a town in northwest Kärnten in Austria, nestled at  the foot of Großglockner, the highest mountain in that country.

On May 29, 1975, I had a chance to visit the town, and I can say without reservation that the place is truly stunning.

St. Vincent Church, Heiligenblut. The Großglocknerspitze (the summit) was hiding behind the clouds, and as the day progressed the clouds increased, so I felt fortunate to get this shot.

This is probably one of the most picturesque (or, as I think it should be pronounced, “picture-squee” places in the world.

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Kinshasa, DRC

Sunset over the Congo River

Kinshasa Street Scene

Kinshasa Shops

Roadside market, Kinshasa

All these photos were taken on the sly; photography in the DRC is forbidden. I thought I had seen third-world conditions when I traveled in Egypt, but I saw that in comparison to Kinshasa, Cairo is luxurious indeed.

The Abandoned City Hall Subway Station

©John-Paul Palescandolo, edited by Eric Kazmirek

See a full-size image and the raw photo here, and another gallery is also available here.

If you ride the No. 6 train to the Brooklyn Bridge stop and stay on (I think they still let you do this,) you can view the City Hall station as the train loops around to go back uptown.

One more nice gallery is available to see here.

New York is full of secrets.

[Edit: On a recent trip to NYC, we actually did this. Unfortunately, the station was totally dark, and all I could see was a “City Hall” sign in tile on the wall as we went through; even though the announcement said to get off at Brooklyn Bridge, the conductor very kindly allowed us to stay on. I’m glad someone was able to get photos of this gem.]

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Hidden Street Art

Recently seen on Teresa Burritt’s Frog Blog:

I loved this picture. Checking around, I found that the image had been posted and pinned repeatedly, but there was no source or location given, so I did a little sleuthing.

Very few clues were available, although at first I thought it might be somewhere in New York. The sushi restaurant’s name was obscured, and the neighboring shop’s sign was difficult to read, but I tried Momoji and found a few hits. I was able to find one in Philadelphia on South 5th street. Google Street View showed that it had changed hands and is now called Niji Sushi house,

But the shop two doors down looked very familiar. Sure enough, Crown of Creation is also on South 5th Street in Philly:

Turning around, I saw something that looked very familiar:

Mission accomplished. Our leaning tower of Pisa is on the corner of South 5th Street and Gaskill Street in Philadelphia. Instead of a sagging pole, some enterprising street artist saw something else, and with a little paint created a tiny wonder, one of the many joys of urban life that is there for people with eyes to see. And Street View is awesome.

Another view:

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