Hidden Street Art

Recently seen on Teresa Burritt’s Frog Blog:

I loved this picture. Checking around, I found that the image had been posted and pinned repeatedly, but there was no source or location given, so I did a little sleuthing.

Very few clues were available, although at first I thought it might be somewhere in New York. The sushi restaurant’s name was obscured, and the neighboring shop’s sign was difficult to read, but I tried Momoji and found a few hits. I was able to find one in Philadelphia on South 5th street. Google Street View showed that it had changed hands and is now called Niji Sushi house,

But the shop two doors down looked very familiar. Sure enough, Crown of Creation is also on South 5th Street in Philly:

Turning around, I saw something that looked very familiar:

Mission accomplished. Our leaning tower of Pisa is on the corner of South 5th Street and Gaskill Street in Philadelphia. Instead of a sagging pole, some enterprising street artist saw something else, and with a little paint created a tiny wonder, one of the many joys of urban life that is there for people with eyes to see. And Street View is awesome.

Another view:

The Old Wolf has spoken.