Search Engine Registration – Do Not Fall For This Scam

I’ve seen an uptick in spam in my inboxes lately, much of it in the same format – there must be a new spammer active in Russia or somewhere similar. However, I’ve also gotten a rash of solicitations to “register my domain” with various search engines, like the following website that I was led to.



A video asssociated with this or a similar site claims that if I don’t use their services, it could take months or even years for my domain to be recognized by the major search engines.


This, of course, is nonsense. The crawlers are very efficient, usually picking up new websites in a matter of hours. You don’t need to pay the $99.00 or the $299.00 to scum-sucking scammers like this to get your website  noticed. Of course, there are things you can do to increase your visibility, but paying lots of money for a worthless service is not one of them.

Another scummy scam is run by some necrotic filth-bag named Colin Walker (probably a phony name), who is the registered owner of Here’s their putrid email to me:



This email is not just misleading, it’s full of outright lies; there’s a hot rock in Hell waiting for the asshats who run this kind of fraud.

Click through for some additional information over at Hoax-Slayer.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Happy birthday, Poople!

Today is Google’s 14th birthday. Their page shows a lovely cake.

The candles get blown out, and piece by piece, the cake disappears. Until only a few slices are left.

I’m sorry! I swear, I can’t help it – that’s what I see.

Happy birthday, Poople – and many happy returns!

The Old Wolf has rofl’d.