Vintage or Elusive Candy

Love. Gone forever.

Love. Not easy to find in some parts of the country.

Still available, but at $1.00 for 10

Wowee wax whistle. A favorite at Hallowe’en time.  Gone forever.

Teaberry gum. Still available. Long my favorite in high school.

A movie theatre standby, as ubiquitous as Raisinets. Loved these little guys.  Still available.

B-B Bats. A favorite at the penny candy store, often bought in conjunction with Sugar Daddy bars. Still available.

Chunky. Still available, although the original used to be wrapped more tightly, and cost 5¢ back in the day.

So many more, and most are listed elsewhere on the Interwebz.

And now, let us pause for a moment of silence:

Third from the top – Sara Lee All Butter Chocolate Brownies. Came in a frozen tin; you took the cardboard lid off, and there was a little paper cutting guide, which I routinely ignored, cutting myself massive slabs straight from the freezer. I pester Sara Lee to bring these back on a regular basis. Perhaps they will someday – after all,

was successfully resurrected from the dead because enough people clamored for it.

I’ll keep clamoring.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

[Edit: Ooh, I forgot one.]

Used to get these when I’d go ice skating in New York. They were my favorite, sort of a cross between a Milky Way and  a Three Musketeers. Gone forever.

The Old Wolf has spoken again.