Typesetter’s Nightmare

In the days before desktop publishing. I can’t imagine having to set this in hot lead or moveable type.



It’s all etaoin shrdlu to me…

The Old Wolf has spoken.

One response to “Typesetter’s Nightmare

  1. Shut your Pi Chute! Leave Etaoin Shrdlu out of this, he’d have a squirt if he tried to set this disaster on a Linotype! (Mind your leg! Molten Lead!) It would be like a scene out of “The Matrices”

    If you were trying to set a whole textbook like this, the simplest way would be to typeset all the words and figures, draw in the symbols & lines freehand, and send it to the Photo department to make a photo-etched Cut of the whole page.

    I got into printing at the point where Photo-Setting was just taking over, thankfully – before that you would set the individual blocks of text and use 36 and 48-point fonts to get the big brackets, then run it through the Waxer and paste it all up like a Ransom Note. Photograph, strip, then burn an Offset plate.

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