Wow, Ban Ki-Moon knows who I am!

Today’s mail from the Lads from Lagos:



United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY 10017, United States
Tel: +17754105879

Hello beneficiary,

This is to bring to your personal notice that the United Nations(UN) in collaboration with International Monetary Fund(IMF) have considered you as one of the recipient of the AWARD from the UN. The award is aimed at assisting Entrepreneurs to advance upwards and to encourage Philanthropy as well. This is our goal an Non-Profit/Humanitarian organization.

As a recipient ofthis honorable award, you will be receiving the sum of US$10.5million (US$10,500,000.00). Please do accept this pay and also help the less haves around your community.

We have have contracted the Zenith Bank Plc, to handle this payment to you as quickly as you contact them on their detail below:

All you have to do is to contact Chief Financial Officer of Zenith Bank – Mr Stanley Amuchie with your detail and he will do the necessary thing to put back smile on your face once again.

Submit the following:

Your Legal Names:
Contact Address:
Date of Birth:

Contact Person:  Mr Stanley Amuchie
Email: (

Thank you.

Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General,
New York, USA.

Send your replies to:
In case it’s not clear to anyone who receives the same kind of email – this is a scam. Ban Ki-Moon would not be sending email of this nature to any individual, let alone from an email address like “,” or with a return address at some random mail service in Slovakia.
Despite the proclamation “No Upfront Fees,” you can be 110% certain that any victim who responds to this sludge will be asked for money in one form or another, again and again, until they finally catch on or are rendered penniless and indebted.
No Because No
Erika Eichelberger recently wrote at Mother Jones about her opportunity to interview a couple of these drones – it makes an interesting read.
These scams are rampant, and will continue as long as there are people who are willing to sacrifice their ethics for what they perceive as quick and easy cash. Be careful out there.
The Old Wolf has spoken.

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