Scam: Permanent Position – Work at your home


European consultatory office is hiring regional agents in Canada! Our company is one of the biggest consultatory companis in Europe. We we are among TOP-5 companis by development rate in 2013-2014.

Our main areas of work are outsource turnkey solutions, opening accounts at financial institutions, taxes refinement. Business running demands in Canada have TRIPLED over the previous 1 2 months. We currently maintain 320 clients. And over 1000 potential clients with whom we are discussing plans at the moment.

To maintain this customer data base we are hiring about 15 to 20 regional agents on the Canadian territory.
Overall hiring schedule: a fortnight of intensified preparation followed by monitoring clients’ contracts and performing some marketing investigations afterwords.

Our nominal reward (even during preparation) is 2000 $ a month.

Get back to me for more detailed information.

Best regards,
Human Resources Department
Mack Maia

It should be painfully obvious that this is a scam. Do not answer this email if you should receive it. I’ve had it three times in the last week, with different names attached: Range Stephenie, Mack Maia, and Hudson Lettie (all fabricated names and email addresses, of course.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

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