A Spammer selling Spamming

From: “Info” <info@rdsnet.ro>
To: [obfuscated]

Subject: [SPAM] hi there

Hello, i provide different  accounts for mass-spam, you can buy here:
My other contact details:
Email : subhinroy@gmail.com
Email : sueforfollows@gmail.com
Skype: fans4web
Call US – +91-8290403871

You can also buy direct, just send me money to paypal: getbulka@gmail.com and email me transaction id.

His web page is already gone, and I suspect the gmail addresses have already been deleted as well. The country code of the phone number is in India. No real way of knowing where this came from, or where the drone lives. Perhaps the CIA could find out, but they’re too busy spying on American citizens to care.

On the spectrum of criminal activities, this is small potatoes, but it still twists my mind to know that there are so many people out there who care nothing for ethics or morals when it comes to making money.
Old_Wolf_Cry   Sad.
The Old Wolf has spoken.

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