Kids love puppets, past and present.


Children watching marionettes in New York, 1935 (From Wikimedia)


Alfred Eisenstaedt Children At A Puppet Theatre Paris Picture. It appears the French kids really get into this.


Children watching a puppet show in the street. Honshu Shizuoka Izu Peninsula, Japan
Photograph: George Dixon Aked, 1937


Children watch puppets and performers at the Polynesian Luau – Orlando, Florida
Photo: Philip Guataer, 1981
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory


Modern puppeteer Nicola McEldowney entertains children with Just So Stories in Cambridge, MA, 7/20/12 — at Henry Bear’s Park.

Of course, marionettes are not only for kids. Although the puppet show in the Sound of Music was put on ostensibly by the children of the family, it was actually the famous Bill Baird and his troupe who created the puppets and the segment, for the enjoyment of the adults.


Puppets can be useful, too:

Grondahl - Puppets

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