(Four servings)


  • 400 g tripe
  • 100 g crimini mushrooms
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 C Chunky peanut butter
  • 50 g chocolate bark
  • Olive oil
  • Fresh Basil, a handful


  1. Wash and pat tripes dry. Set aside.
  2. Sautee mushrooms, onions, basil leaves and crushed garlic in 2 Tbsp olive oil until the mushrooms are soft and the onions translucent.
  3. Add the tripes and a bit more oil if needed. Fry until golden brown.
  4. Remove tripes and on a cutting board, coat liberally with peanut butter.
  5. Grate chocolate bark onto tripes, and serve with sauteed vegetables.
  6. While eating, try to pronounce “Jabberwocky.”


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Some thoughts on weight loss from a redditor

Every now and then I stumble across something on reddit that I think deserves a wider audience; there are a lot of folks out there who don’t have any idea what reddit is, or what to do with it.

In the CMV (Change My View) subreddit, people post viewpoints and ask others to convince them that they’re right or not. A recent position: “Any fat person can lose weight by simply adjusting their diet and exercise.”

I’ve posted about releasing weight before, usually in the context of the scammy nostrums people sell to take advantage of those who want to give up pounds but can’t seem to. Redditor /u/eavc posted the following response, which is cogent and relevant. I share it here for your consideration.

It is true that any person will lose weight if diet and exercise are properly adjusted. The important part of your question is whether any person can actually make the adjustments to diet and exercise to produce (and sustain) weight loss.

People are not robots. We are subject to forces of emotion, motivation, willpower, bias, and so on.

That which seems objectively simple to accomplish in isolation can be exceedingly difficult in practice. I believe that everyone can directly observe this to be true with a moment’s reflection on their own shortcomings and struggles.

  • “I’m not going to procrastinate anymore.”
  • “I won’t yell at him anymore.”
  • “I’m going to go running every day.”
  • “I’ll never again drink until I throw up.”
  • “I’m going to stop spending so much money.”
  • “I won’t let sports make me this angry again.”
  • “It’s irrational for me to be so jealous.”
  • “Why should I care if I’m not invited to some party?”

Pain, sadness, boredom, loneliness, routine, socially embedded temptation, fatigue, stress, cognitive biases, competing demands, family crisis, fear, money issues, disease, social learning, etc. — all of these are capable of derailing sincere efforts at personal change.

If there anything in your life you have decided to change and yet have not been able to change, then this argument should ring true.

A person has become fat because they are not good at regulating diet and exercise for whatever reason (biological, psychological, social-cultural, environmental/circumstantial, etc.). Almost by definition, these are people who struggle to adjust diet and exercise. It is therefore like saying “Any depressed person can be happier by simply adjusting their thoughts and feelings” or “Any anxious person … by caring less about the future” or “Sex addict … by choosing not to engage in sexual acts” or “debtor … by earning more and spending less” or “smoker .. by not smoking.” These are true but useless statements, because the person in question practically lacks the abilities required given their current set of circumstances. Advice for all of these kinds of problems centers on how to change psychology or circumstances rather than on the simple idea of the end goal (eat less, smoke less, yell less).

That is why there are books and communities and medicines and science and billions of dollars centered on these kinds of personal change efforts. What’s required is a change in the environment/circumstances or in the psychology – and that’s not easy to do at all.

Let me flip this around. Can you imagine a scenario where a person cannot successfully accomplish the needed adjustment to diet and exercise?

Go over to a place like /r/progresspics[1] and read comments on how people were able to accomplish their transformation. Generally, you’ll hear about some fairly specific set of factors that helped them start and then persist in their journey. New ideas, supportive friends, emotional growth, frightening experiences, a definite system, a change in life situation, regular efforts to stay motivated, and so on.

Now while reading something like that, start mentally deleting the factors that they are crediting. “I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wife” – take away the wife. “I found boxing and that was what clicked after years of nothing clicking” – boxing was never a sport. “I finally decided to prioritize my self and take care of myself” – they were struggling to make it day to day due to environmental stressors (small kids, money problems, work stress, emotionally abusive person in life) and couldn’t focus on personal growth. “The doctor said I would die before I was 50” – the complications of overweight not being as present for them and the doc never delivering that warning.

Then, there’s the reality that most of us are flawed or face challenge in many ways at once. It’s not just being overweight – it’s being overweight and poor. It’s not just being fat – it’s being fat and depressed. Fat and short-tempered. Fat and failing some classes. Fat and an emotionally absent father. Fat and financially irresponsible. Overweight and socially anxious. And generally the list is much longer than just two problems. Many people who want to be better people are pouring a lot of energy into working on something other than being overweight, and it leaves little for the other problem. Conversely, many who successfully lose a lot of weight do so by streamlining and focusing their attention on that specific problem at the expense of other things they could have focused on instead.

All this to say, personal change requires work, and some forms of personal change require so much work as to be practically impossible given the resources and energy available to accomplish that work. That’s why successful weight loss often requires much much more than just the idea of eating less and exercising more. And until the person finds that other thing that is required for their situational factors to shift enough to change the behavior, they are unlikely to be successful in adjusting diet and exercise over the long run.

EDIT: I want to add something to speak to the other side of the coin because some comments have rightly pointed out that this may come across as fatalistic. I’m a big proponent of personal responsibility and personal growth.

If you have something in your life causing problems or holding you back, I would encourage you to look for solutions and – if it’s important enough of a thing – to not give up. I have worked with a lot of people with mental health issues, for example, who say, “I can’t” to things that they absolutely are capable of doing and do go on to do. An attitude of pessimism is often a self-fulfilling prophecy and certainly limits the chances we have to get lucky with the solution to the puzzle or simply to break through due to persistence. The synthesis of my views would be this: we are shaped by many forces but are also capable of ingenuity, resiliency, and change. If you attempt something critically important and fail, either try again, try a new approach, or try something else.

Change is not as simple as ‘eat less’ because behavior is largely the product of a network of causal factors. And for the exact same reason, change is also rarely impossible – there are many factors that can be tweaked up and down the causal chain, though it can take A LOT of effort and probably resources and external support as well. The right small shift can alter the overall set of circumstances and tip the outcome in another direction. And sometimes, it’s something as simple as time or trying again.

The Charmander Conspiracy

Take one Pokemon, one impaired dude (no judgment, mate, seriously – we all do silly stuff now and then), and a community of delightfuly batshit-crazy redditors, and you have an explosion of recursive, gentle insanity that shows no sign of stopping.


This is Charmander. He’s a cute Pokemon creature.


This is Charmander as envisioned by Vaughn Pinpin over at Hat Boy, in the style of Tim Burton.


This is the result when you try to tattoo this on yourself, while fuzzed with alcohol and Xanax, and pretty much zero art skills.


This is what happens when you post said tattoo to reddit, and stuff gets real in a hurry. Above: Digitized version of the tattoo.


Vinylized version of the digitized tattoo


Ring made from vinylized version of the digitized tattoo


Teeshirt version of the vinylized digitized tattoo.


The rabbit hole goes deeper: Hoodie version with the photo of the teeshirt of… well, you get the idea.


MTG card with the teeshirt design


Plush version of the digitized version of the original tattoo


Jewelry version of the digitized version of the original tattoo.


Mosaic version of the digitized Charmander tattoo


Mouse pad!


Now 3D-Printed


8-inch tall Sculpture

As a video game character

Video version of “Crappy tattoo, I choose you!”


Cross-stitch pattern


Cross stitched!

embroidered charmander



High-quality artwork


High-def 3D rendering


Put it on your nails, why not?


Gif 1


Gif 2


Bes’ birfday cake eva.


How many are beginning to feel about this whole thing…

And the beat goes on. Mind you, all of this went down in just a couple of days; who knows how many levels deep this inception-like mind-twister will go?

Edit: Added 11/1/2015


Crappy Hallowe’en costume.

Not everyone is happy. Some people are like:


As for me, I’m curious to see how long this lasts.

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Why I love reddit

Yes, it can be a tar pit of trolls and Not Safe For Work posts, but if you arrange your settings to filter out the garbage, it’s also an amazing community.

Example 1:

  1. User /u/thespite posts a clever way to send a holiday greeting using Google Maps. You can try the Holiday Message yourself.
  2. User /u/benlaor tries it, and discovers a picture of his beloved dog of blessed memory. He wrote: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. You don’t understand what happened because of this video.I have never looked at my house on street view before (strange, huh?). This was the first time. The images for Israel are a few years old, probably around 5 years in most cases.

    At the end of the video it lets you just look around freely. I look around my house, look over at my parking stop, and there he was. Lazying about in the sun was my plump little fatass of a dog, who was my favorite thing in the world until he died a few years ago. I have almost no pictures of him due to my not backing anything up and my HDD being destroyed in a power surge.”

  3. User /u/jangoo identifies the location.
  4. User /u/thespite extracts a high-res image
  5. User /u/fatty_tines creates a lovely color drawing of the dog.
  6. Tears all around.

Example 2:

  1. User /u/LE_POOR_MERIT has a teenaged son who does an awesome drawing entitled “Who Dares Summon Chrismotron?”
    ©2014 “Unknown ben LE_POOR_MERIT”
  2. User /u/pohjankonna, a freelance artist from Finland, does an amazing digital rendering of the drawing
    ©2014 Pekka Veikkolainen
    and makes this offer: “You have of course the permission to print & frame it, after all I took the original without asking first! I do have a slightly larger version that I can send you. Better yet, I could also send you the original Photoshop file with all the different layers on it, if your son would be interested in deconstructing the painting to see what it’s actually made of (kind of a step-by-step view to creating a digital painting).”
  3. Tears all around.
  4. For those interested, a wallpaper version.

Keep in mind these people don’t know each other from Adam’s off ox. They’re just regular people being awesome to one another for no good reason, which is what the best of humanity is all about. Also, these are only two recent examples; similar things happen all the time on reddit. It always lifts my spirits to read about one.

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After an Internship (courtesy of the reddit community)

reddit is a strange beast. Tailor your subreddits and settings carefully to avoid the dark side and the NSFW (not safe for work) stuff, and it can be a source of valuable information as well as good entertainment. If you like cats, paving your floor with pennies (don’t forget the sealer), using bananas for scale, and a host of mad references, you may find it a congenial place. But I digress.

Recently redditors began posting pictures of what it’s like after an internship at [company name.] I found these amusing – and revelatory – so I have collected them here for your reading pleasure.


At Google


At Microsoft




At Apple



At Comcast


At reddit

And, of course, what it’s like after an internship at pretty much anywhere these days:

homeless person sleeping in cardboard box


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