Seen in the rubble in Moore, OK.



It’s true. No one can appreciate this more than those who have lost things, or those who have lost people. Many individuals lost their lives in Oklahoma today, and many families are grieving. Words like this are scant comfort for them, and only time will – hopefully – transform the bitterness of loss into the sweetness of memory.

Far more people kept their lives but lost everything they had, and their hardships are none the less – but I am sure there is much gratitude being felt by those who survived the ordeal, realizing that things can be replaced and that, in the end, nothing truly belongs to us. We can only preside over our goods for a short time, and then they pass into the hands of others.

My thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Oklahoma and other areas affected by these devastating storms. I have done what I could, and wish only that it could be more. If you want to help, one good place is the United Way of Oklahoma.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

3 responses to “Seen in the rubble in Moore, OK.

  1. An important thing I noticed – People throughout Tornado Alley don’t have Basements in their homes anymore. Or a Storm Cellar buried in the backyard.

    They sheltered all the school students in an inside hallway because there was no basement or storm shelter at the school – and the tornado flattened the building and tried to wipe it clean off the map.

    Homeowners, Schools, Businesses, Churches: If you don’t have a full basement, or a Storm Shelter of some sort, it’s time to call the Backhoe operator and get busy.

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